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WOW. You’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to move with you.

The A.S.S Class

$ 30.00 CAD
One-time charge for your selected class date.
Location and instructions sent to you after
your purchase. No refunds for this purchase.
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If you know, you know…

The A.S.S Class created by Michelle Kuhnreich aka @BootyByMich on Instagram, took Vancouver, B.C. by storm…now it’s here in Toronto, and it’s your chance to try it out.

This 50 minute class begins with an intentional grounding flow, using music, breath and visualization with movements that open and lengthen the entire body.  The sequences of moves build into that chiseling burn for your deep core with curated combinations that sculpt and define your entire body…especially your booty.

The A.S.S Class isn’t just about exercise; it’s about experiencing all of yourself.

*All levels and low impact.
*Resistance bands are used, but are optional. Please bring your own if you’d like to use one.
*Mats will be provided
*No shoes needed, but it’s up to you!

This is just a taste of what is on BootyByMich, for $21.99 you’ll have access to
more programs to come, over 300 videos, and weekly journal prompts.
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