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May 2023

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Each month I’ll be sharing with you what books I’m reading, recipes I’m cooking, questions I ask myself, my favorite workout of the month, thoughts I’m having, products I like (no promoted ads here!) and more.

This is a full personal BootyByMich inspiration page as a go-to for staying inspired when it comes to fresh ideas to connect with your mind, body, and environment; from my world to yours.



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Friday May 12, 10 am 

Friday May 19, 8 am 



Monday May 15 & 22 at 6-6:50 pm

If you, or any of your friends would like to join, please DM me to get the details to reserve a spot.

*classes have been booked up quick, seeing as I’ve chosen to  keep it small and intimate. :) 

I can't wait to have you!

For the eyes and the soul

The Seven Year Slip
By Ashley Poston

An Activity This Month

For the Vibes. A Curated BBM Playlist
From The BBM Spotify Account


Easy, quick, yummy recipes

Miso Peanut Butter Cookies from BBM member, Hilary, owner of @rootedtable in Vancouver.

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Products I love for my face

*Please keep in mind that all skin types are different.
This may not work for everyone, but this is what I use :)

What I'm Running In

These are my favorite running shoes.I feel very supported in them, super lightweight and ultra comfortable.

Nike Vaporfly 2

BBM Programs

Spring, summer, warm weather is upon us..these programs can be done outside or on the go!
All programs are minimal to no equipment, it’s always optional.What program will you challenge yourself to?

Journal Prompts

Ask yourself this….

What is something non negotiable for you during the week?

For example, what is something you must do for yourself to allow yourself to feel happy, recharged, grounded. Maybe a butter flow, treating yourself to your favorite meal once a week, seeing your friends twice a week, saying no to going out when you feel like you need to rest.

Why do you feel doing these activities are so significant for your well -being?

If you have yet to set a routine for yourself, what would you like your non  negotiable to be?

Mine is walking up for coffee on a Saturday morning, sitting outside with our my phone, watching the world around me as a slowly wake up. Another one is, on Friday and Saturday nights my phone is place din the kitchen, away from me, this helps me feel more relaxed. I like to plan two coffee dates or walks with friends to catch up and hang out, this helps me get outside and balance work-life worlds. Lastly, I love to run in Central Park or along the water on weekends, this allows me to feel more grounded and free.

Favorite go-to BBM workout right now

12 Min Burn Burn Burn Core
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Member Spotlight

Hilary Brent

Booty By Mich changed the game for me and my movement routine. Like many others, I found BBM at the height covid, when my yoga and spin studio closed. I was so glad to find something I could do in the comfort of my own living room where I felt safe. I still remember a class I did one early morning with the sun rising, candles lit and Nils Frahm playing from my phone and Michelle led us through a visual meditation of sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor - and wow, that was a beautiful moment for me in the depths of the pandemic. I expected to like BBM but what I didn’t expect was to fall so deeply in love with this practice. Michelle has such a way of tuning you into your own mind and body and listening to what it is telling you, rather than focusing on what other people are doing or achieving. I have a super tight body and have always been inflexible and “locked up” - which is only made worse by my work of being a chef and a business owner who is either hunched over a cutting board or a laptop. These workouts have opened me up by building sustainable strength through tiny, consistent movements. I’ve also taken up running and the BBM classes are the perfect compliment to supporting my body for this. I am so grateful for these classes, for the moments of pause, for the time to turn towards myself and be present all while getting my a** kicked! Thank you forever Michelle! x

We want to hear your story! Your motivation, authenticity and experience is worth sharing and I can’t wait to hear how you got started, where you are now, and what you are working towards, your experience with BootyByMich and how it has impacted your life. How long have you been a member for? One week, or over a year?  What’s your BBM routine like? Share the vibe of your environment you create for yourself, any rituals you have before movements?!

You have the ability to share your ups and downs with us, and motivate us all. Send me a message to be spotlighted in the future. Pictures of progress can be sent too (I would love to see your progress, but no pressure at all!)

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Upcoming Platform Updates

I am so excited to begin the new year with you all, continuing to grow this community all over the world!

You are my biggest motivation and I thank you for that.

Let’s ease into 2023 with patience, intention and enjoyment, as we build one block at a time for achieving a strong foundation for a long lasting healthy and happy way of living.