Things to know
All of the workouts can be done  without equipment. If you choose to use equipment, you can use: Resistance band , Ankle weight 2 lbs per foot, Yoga block, Small slightly deflated pilates ball

I use ankle weight 2.5 lbs per foot or 5 lbs per foot. If you are new to ankle weight exercises for core, please perform the exercises without the ankle weights first to ensure proper form

Beginners, you can opt for no equipment and add a resistance band/ ankle weights as you build strength! Do what feels good to you.

There is no rest in my workouts, please listen to your body and rest when needed. Slow, and controlled movements! Sometimes the slower you go, the more you feel it!

Most of my workouts have a flow of stretches to ground and steady the mind while creating long flexible muscle. Feel free to mix and match your favourite workouts

Take a rest day whenever needed

Follow the workout schedule to the best of your ability
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