Your studio is the
size of your yoga mat

Wow. This part of writing is always the most challenging for me- writing about myself, ugh.

Where to begin…I became a Certified Personal Trainer at the age of seventeen, just for fun. I was never a class go-er. I have always loved to create my own playlists with music I love, while moving my body to release energy, feel empowered, all while increasing of self-awareness. Movement is a way to express and connect both mind and body; I want to teach others how to do and experience the same. My approach to movement is to steady the mind, and to understand our thoughts, our strengths and weaknesses both mental and physical. To get to know ourselves better and become stronger through every exercise and stretch using the most powerful tools as humans; breath and visualization, to push past boundaries internal and external.

When I move, I get to access another part of me, I am so beautifully selfish - I love it. The music with the sequence of the exercises is flowing, freeing and fun. It is so important to me to create this art of exercise and deliver it to you in a way that is easy and energetic, all while creating a mindful foundation and re-connection to yourself.

The. A.S.S Class
With a primary focus on the lower body, this class will work on sculpting and lengthening your legs, hamstrings and thighs, all while defining your core and building that BOOTY.

This class is a combination of bodyweight exercises with use of resistance bands and bodyweight exercises structured to lengthen, tone and tighten. We begin with a flow, to connect and ground mind, breath, while setting and maintaining your personal intention, ensuring you experience the full benefit of each and every movement- leaving you feeling refreshed, lengthened, strong and solid, both in mind and body.
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This class is for all levels.

The stretches are flowed together based on intuitive movement, breath, music and visualization leaving you feeling lengthened, relaxed, grounded. We move at a relaxed paced, inviting you to get lost in and explore your body. Incorporate this class for your post run, evening unwind or morning refresh.

The foundation of sequences are based on deep stretches for the whole body, targeting all the juicy point such as hips, low back, hamstrings, upper body.Gaining flexibility with slow music and breath is the underpinning of this class.

*Longer stretch holds, movement as meditation (or as I like call it, “connection”)
*Pre/during pregnancy approved.
*No equipment needed.
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Chill & Chisel
This class is for all levels.

This stretch class is full body, inspired by a more energizing sequence of continuous movement and stretches. Focusing on flexibility, elongation of muscles using visualization and breath as groundwork. The movements heavily curated to music, integrating deep core chiseling exercises (oh boy!) that leave you feeling stronger, longer, and relaxed (mentally and physically).This is the perfect class for wanting to add more stretch, elongation and core strength on a recovery day or morning/ evening session.

*Full transparency, this class strengthens and lengthens your entire body, while defining your core, the best of both worlds.
*Build heat, deep burn, less sweat, stretched muscles, toned body.
*Music is a foundational component.
*No equipment needed.
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Full Body
Class levels range from beginner, intermediate, advanced.

The foundation of this workout begins with a grounding either with a guided intuitive flow or seated breath.

To move with Intention, using visualization and breath  is the groundwork for creating maximum connection of the mind and body, giving you the inner and outer results you strive to achieve, Using none to minimal amount of equipment we focus on cardio, and flexibility, all while elongating and strengthening the whole body.

*Modifications are demonstrated for “all level classes”.
*Cardio can be subbed out. Always listen your body.
*I encourage you to choose a playlist of your choice for these classes unless it is a livestream workout.
*Higher repetitions, longer holds for length, quick short Burts for strength and cardio.
*Equipment often used, but optional: ankle weights (may also used as hand weights) resistance bands, pilates balls, light 2-3 lbs dumbbells )or weight of your choice)
*paired with post run, outdoor workout,
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The definition of A.S.S,  ABSOLUTELY, SLEEK & SOLID.