How many days do you recommend working out?

I exercise 5-6 days/ week. I do all the workouts that are on my website, and I like to rest on Sundays - I need one day to NOT think about exercise. I will also take another rest day if my body is feeling really tired or sore. Some days my body craves a walk or light stretching, I call these my active recovery days. These active recovery days help reduce soreness, increases endorphins, and a nice way to take it easy and move lightly and gently.

I never put pressure on myself to workout, I let my body tell me what would be best for me that day, even if I have a set plan- always expect the unexpected!

What weight should I use when exercising?

When deciding what weight to use, it depends on your fitness level. Form is your top priority, so choose a weight that is challenging, but that you maintain good form throughout the movements. I like to use lighter/ medium weights (2-3 lbs for arms  or 5-10 lbs for legs) because we do higher reps to create more stamina, endurance and length! If you are still unsure, begin using lighter weights and increase/decrease weight as needed. Sometimes I don’t even use weight at all and I still feel the chiseling burn!

When will I begin to see results?

Stay consistent, enjoy what you are doing, move and breathe with intention and results will follow. Be patient, and kind to your body as it transitions through new movements, a new workout routine and implementing new habits. Every body is different; remember to enjoy the process of getting to know your mind and body- everything physical is a bonus- stick with it, IT’S SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!!!! If you love what you do , you’ll want to do more of it, your body and energy will be happy too and everything will adjust as needed!

How does the program work?

The weekly workout schedule changes weekly to add a variety of movement to challenge you mentally and physically! Some weeks there will be more stretch, some weeks more cardio, etc.The program implements flexibility, length, strength, and cardio for maximum results. As you move your body, you will begin to feel even more empowered, this will fuel you to have more fun and increase energy both on and off your mat; you will feel your authentic power!

Following the workout schedule…

Follow the schedule best to your ability! However if it's nice outside and craving sunshine go on a walk or run! You can resume the schedule the following day, or pair a short 10-20 min run with one of your favourite workout videos. Please do not put pressure on yourself!

Should I add more cardio to the BBM workouts?

There is cardio in all the workouts! You don’t need to be jumping around or running to get that heart rate up! Holding a plank can be cardio. It’s important to give yourself time to recover, not overstimulate the nervous system (increased cortisol (stress) hormones = more challenging to burn fat). Adding runs into week is great too, listen to your body.

Should I workout on weekends?

I like to take it easier on the weekends by doing a light yoga flow, core or a walk- or nothing at all!!! Doing nothing and resting your body, is doing something. Allow rest days to be a time where all the work that you've  been putting into yourself to sink in and settle. This could time could be weekends!

Should I wear shoes while exercising?

That is up to you!!! I can’t stress that enough. Do what is / feels best for your body. I know in some of my videos I am wearing running shoes, if you feel more comfortable with shoes, please put them on! I do not want you to injure yourself. PLEASE & THANK YOU.

I am a beginner where should I start?

The Inner dialogue.

Move slow, take your time adjusting and feeling out these new movements. You can do any of the workouts, begin with setting an intention to create more conscious foundation before you begin moving.

Always check in and create dialogue with yourself
How and I feeling?
Is my core tight?
Am I breathing?
Can I visualize myself moving on my mat?
Are my shoulders relaxed, engage my core, weights in my heels...

This dialogue will keep you mindful, patient, and powerful through out your workout. It is the YOU that is do freaking determined and excited to reach your goals! It wont let you give up!

Please pause the workout videos and rest whenever you need to! There is no rest in the workouts, but I encourage you to pause whenever!

Begin with no workout equipment, and add equipment into your workouts when you feel ready for a little bit more of a challenge. You can also perform less repetitions, even if I say 20, Do 10!!! That’s still amazing!

Keep staying positive, patient, present and empowered. This is truly an amazing time for you to focus on YOU!

How often should I stretch?

I'll set my phone timer on a descending timer for 5-10 min, or play one or three of my favourite songs to slow down my mind and body as a stretch. It's a great cool down and a way for me to breath and feel everything I just did!

Should I do a warm up and cool down?

I like to use core exercises as part of the warm up for the workouts.
Yes, a warm up is key- so feel free to go for a light jog around the block or add cardio before getting starting. Always stretch after your workouts NEVER forcing the stretch, moving slow.

How do the subscription charges work?

Recurring charges for your membership is based on your membership start date and will recur on the same date of the following month(s) or the same date of the following year(s), based on your membership type.

How do I switch from a monthly subscription to an annual one?

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You do not have to cancel your subscription to switch. The best time to switch would be before your next monthly charge date.