Weekly Workout Schedule

There will be 1-2 workouts uploaded each week and added to the workout schedule.
Follow the schedule the best you can, please rest if your body is sore or tired.

If you are craving more cardio, go for it! Add another cardio day or do any cardio activity you wish!
Some weeks we will focus more on cardio and other more stretching.

Click the links to be directed to workout, some days there will be two links for a two part workout.
I never put pressure on myself to workout, I let my body tell me what would be best for me that day,
even if I have a set plan- always expect the unexpected!

Notes for this week

Monday- Optional run, walk, jog 10-20 minutes before or after your workout.

Tuesday- Walk, jog, for 3-5km then go straight into your workout!

Friday August 7- Livestream A.S.S CLASS, 40 min, 11 am PST
*equipment needed: resistance band, 2 light dumbbells

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