Weekly Workout Schedule

There will be 1-2 workouts uploaded each week and added to the workout schedule.
Follow the schedule the best you can, please rest if your body is sore or tired.

If you are craving more cardio, go for it! Add another cardio day or do any cardio activity you wish!
Some weeks we will focus more on cardio and other more stretching.

Click the links to be directed to workout, some days there will be two links for a two part workout.
I never put pressure on myself to workout, I let my body tell me what would be best for me that day,
even if I have a set plan- always expect the unexpected!

Notes for this week

Morning Juice: Your Daily Dose: your “go-to” video this week if you do not have time to follow the workout schedule!
This short video will get you moving. Roll out of bed, move your body, set your intention, try to do this workout 4 times this week! Even if this becomes “Evening Juice” I love this for you too.

***For anyone who is pregnant, please speak with your doctor before exercising to have the go ahead. Many of the BBM workouts are good for pre/ during pregnancy. However if you feel the need to opt out  for core exercises seeing as combos are quite challenging and are on the back, please do not hesitate to  do so.  I would recommend choosing an arm, booty or leg exercise, or even a stretch/ pause while I perform the core movement in the video!
I would also recommend to opt out of using bands for core exercises.

**Please modify/ substitute or skip any of the exercises that are not recommended by your doctor/ if you are not comfortable performing, ex; being on your back.

**Just because the workout video is “Full Body/ Arms/Lower body” and has a core section in the workout  does not mean there won’t be much for you to do! Like I mentioned, just sub any exercises, and you’ll be so fine.


MONDAY: 15-20 min walk, run, or jog before or after your workout. 


SATURDAY: Incline runs or walks.Find a hill, (*I don’t care how challenging, you choose your fave neighbourhood hill/ street).
*Run / walk/ up the hill: 50% (your of your 100% maximum effort),
WALK (SLOW) down the hill this is your rest/ recover period.
Repeat this 3x, then…
70% repeat this 3x.
then 85% repeat this 2x.
*optional lung&leg burn out: when you are done all your hills, finish off wth 40 jump squats or 50 squats..WOW!
You got this.

Weekly Check-In
Write down the questions and the answers. 
Please invite a friend into the conversation. 
Enjoy getting to know yourself. 
Love, Mich

1.What lesson should you have learned by now?

2.I am learning to accept  ________ about myself.

3.Is there a feeling you miss?

4.What small thought always makes you smile?

5.What do you spend too much time doing? 

6.What do you spend not enough time doing?

7. How are you- seriously, how are you? Mind dump all your thoughts for 2 minutes (set a timer) it can be written in note form or continuous strain of sentences- just write everything that comes to your mind- EVERYTHING. After the 2 minutes, close your eyes, set another timer for 5 minutes. Breathe. Noticing all thoughts and feeling you experienced when you were writing. See your thoughts and feelings but try to have any attachment…. After 5 minutes, notice how you feel. You have the option to set another timer for 2 minutes and write how you feel after your “connection” time.

8. Write I love you _______. (Write your name). Write this 6 times. Notice how you feel. 
Send me Feedback about my Weekly Workout Schedule