Weekly Workout Schedule

There will be 1-2 workouts uploaded each week and added to the workout schedule.
Follow the schedule the best you can, please rest if your body is sore or tired.

If you are craving more cardio, go for it! Add another cardio day or do any cardio activity you wish!
Some weeks we will focus more on cardio and other more stretching.

Click the links to be directed to workout, some days there will be two links for a two part workout.
I never put pressure on myself to workout, I let my body tell me what would be best for me that day,
even if I have a set plan- always expect the unexpected!

Notes for this week

This week I have added more int/ advanced core videos. If these are not serving your body well/ are too challenging for you, that’s ok! Please select another core video of your choice :)

Option 1: Do the first workout video link, then go into your second video
Option 2: Go outside 15-25 min walk, run, jog, cycle, skip, then go into workout video!
You may also add cardio intervals to your cardio of choice
A) Repeat 4 times: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest
B) Repeat 5 times: 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

*No equipment needed.
*During the day workout 15 min body weight moves, the first workout link!

THURSDAY: Repeat 5 min arms video 2-3x!

*optional equipment: resistance band.

Weekly Check-In
*SUNDAY - a new 22 min Full Body Slow Flow&Breath video has been added.
I highly encourage you to add this flow to any of your mornings, mid-day, or evening routines. Take this time to recharge, breathe, and feel…movement is meditation too.
Let this video also be part of your check-in even if it is 2 times  per week!
Recommended playlist “evening melt, butter 12, live feb17.21”

Light a candle, play your most favourite songs while you answer/ write these questions.
You may write the answers in the morning, or evening.
Answer one question per day. Read the question then set 2 minute timer, close your eyes breathe, and think of your response before you put pen to paper.
Intention is everything.

Am I using my time wisely?

Am I taking care of myself the best that I can (physically, mentally, emotionally)?

What are the words I want live by?

Am I letting things that are out of my control stress me out? What can can I do to let it be?

What have done lately that is worth remembering?

Who am I not letting myself be most vulnerable with? Why?

What was the most impactful thing/person/ event/ thought that I have written in my journal recently.
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