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Short sentence about the compiled testimonials. grateful for all the messages everywhere. Keep them coming and putting them on this page. Probably also good to have a CTA that asks you to add a testimonial

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I would love to express my deep gratitude.

Your workouts literally changed my life and my body. I finally got the body I dreamed and worked for 20 years. I have been a member of many gyms and studios and have never had such astonishing results. I could see my abs in two weeks, I lost 10 pounds without any effort. Your energy, kindness and mindfulness transmits through the screen and keeps me going.

The workouts are challenging, but so fun. I can’t be happier and I am so grateful I came across your Instagram and now I am a happy, healthy and strong member of BootyByMich community!


Member since May 2020

I am soooo happy now to be able to move with you again. Thank you for creating this platform and for sharing your incredible energy with so many people. You completely changed the way I see exercise and movement and I am eternally grateful. You help me get stronger not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

I’ve been spreading the news about your platform with every single one of my friends and family from Brazil, Canada and Australia. Everyone who’s tried so far loved it!


Member since September 2020

I just finished your livestream, and the way you showed your emotion at the end opened up the floodgates for me as well. This has been a HELL of a year with so much stress, anxiety, grief, isolation, etc, but also growth, healing, and newfound self-love.

I cannot tell you enough how you and this little platform have changed my life so profoundly in such a short time. I am a long-time gym rat, but the pandemic made me crave something new - something that took care of my fragile mind as well.

Every session with you is my meditation and therapy and I could not be more grateful to you and your beautiful spirit. I’m telling everyone I know about you and this platform so they too can experience this revelation


Member since November 2020


Member since October 2020

I’ve struggled my entire life with body image and have often used exercise in a negative way to make myself feel “less bad” about myself. Especially since quarantine, I started going really hard on at-home weight lifting/strength training. I hit a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore...which is when I joined your membership!

Honestly I’ve experienced such a mental and physical shift from when I started, it’s amazing! I no longer move for punishment but because I want to. I even started adding in 10 mins of weights before your classes.

I’m so grateful that I joined your online platform and it has seriously been one of the best choices. I’ve done so much healing over the past few months and I’m excited to keep moving along in this experience. Thank you for moving with us and inspiring us

I had previously never found working out to be enjoyable. Having studied classical ballet for over 15 years, I struggled to find movement classes that I enjoyed and actually wanted to do. BBM has filled that spot for me — I love that this is a platform about movement and mind. Mich’s energy is infectious - she is warm, engaging and kind, but damn she makes you work hard and move beyond your fears.

The platform doesn’t mention weight loss, results, numbers or measurements - it’s purely a space for you to get on your mat and make time for yourself. The schedule is so easy to follow, and I love that each week we receive journal prompts to reflect on thoughout our week. Honestly cannot recommend highly enough - and did I mention how affordable it is?!

I am a Booty by Mich girl for life!


Member since November 2020

The Booty by Mich platform brings me to a place of stillness, through movement. As a nurse I'm constantly moving, evaluating, and adjusting to meet other people's physical and emotional needs. I turn to the weekly workouts as a place to be present with myself. I appreciate the structure and purposefully cave out time daily to complete these workouts and stretches. As I become aware of my breath, I can shut out the world and move just for me. It's a moment, a few moments I feel centred. A place to ground myself. A place to challenge myself. A place that feels familiar when I feel anxious and unsettled. A place to just be.

Honestly I remember the day your platform went live. I made excuses. I'm too busy, I'll feel like a failure if I don't complete all the workouts, I need music to flood out the world, I need other people at the gym to feel motivated and compete against. But eventually gyms shut down, I moved apartments, and I felt lost. I have grown to love setting up a quiet, peaceful space for my daily workouts. Sometimes with your fantastic playlists, other times just accompanied by my breath and thoughts. Realizing that a 30-min workout doesn't need to be go-go-go and that 1 minute of setting an intention and finishing with 5 minutes of stretching is just as essential, if not even more crucial to my wellbeing.

I had a few challenging times with my partner as we both worked on personal growth this year and seeing how you grew and flourished this year has inspired me so much.


Member since August 2020

I have been doing your workouts since the summer and more continuously this new year. I love that you take the guesswork out of exercising as that is what I found the hardest in motivating myself.

I LOVED the Monday livestreams! I found myself looking forward to join you on the mat at the end of my work day (I live in London, UK). I find without that live on Monday I make excuses and I'm less likely to get on my mat.

Thank you again for this platform. I know it's now all about looks but I am feeling the strangest and looking the leanest I have ever been!


Member since August 2020

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