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November 2023

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This is a full personal BootyByMich inspiration page as a go-to for staying inspired when it comes to fresh ideas to connect with your mind, body, and environment; from my world to yours.

November - where has the time gone. Below I share with you food, music, books, thoughts and movement I am using to stay cozy this month, slow down and recharge as we lead into holiday season.



I want to know what YOU want. 

Please email with any of your goals for your wedding mind/body/energy and what your dream bridal program looks like.

The more detailed you are with letting me know what you want, the more I can help! I want to be a part of this incredible journey with you!

Please email me with your answers :)

For the eyes and the soul



I love this author because her books intertwine past with present so effortlessly, and the way it is written has my imagination running wild. I love reading before bed, I feel it helps me ease my mind and take a trip into another world at the end of the day :) I hope you enjoy (if not this one, another one of her books! “The House at Riverton” is great too!)

From The BBM Spotify Account


How do you feel your best loved?

What does support look like for you?

What do you want to focus on this month?

Products I love for my face

*Please keep in mind that all skin types are different.
This may not work for everyone, but this is what I use :)

To Smell

This scent is my go-to for the holiday season for the last 4 years. I discovered it in Vancouver and purchase it on repeat!

Balsam Cedar Candle

To Stay Warm

I believe you can never have too many throw blankets. This is also such a great gift for the holidays and there is also an option to add a personalized monogram.

Brushed Woven Throw

To Sip

As a huge coffee lover, I’m also a lover of ceramics. I love discovering different textures, shapes and designs of mugs to sip my morning coffee in.

Flow Mug

BBM Programs
Get Results Quick with Consistency

There are five programs for you to focus on leading up to the new year, mix and match if you’d like!
All programs have journal prompts and recommended music playlists to lead you to create a stronger relationship with yourself on and off of the mat. Enjoy exploring your mind and body leading into 2024.

Journal Prompts

The Butter Program

The perfect 12 day holiday program to unwind, gain flexibility and soften your body with. 

Your body will thank you.

This set can easily be done with the curated weekly workouts schedule on BBM.

Favorite go-to BBM workout right now

20 Min Booty with A.W + Posture
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Member Spotlight

Emma Cunningham


Living in LA, I've tried SO many workout classes and online fitness platforms when they exploded during the pandemic. BBM is hands down the best I've come across for so many reasons. One being how you can actually feel Mich's passion and knowledge for fitness through the screen. Her alignment cues, tips, mindfulness, and all-around energy are SO helpful and inspiring for each workout. Hands down, my favorite workouts are the upper body and posture videos. They make me feel so much better after a long day of working from home on my laptop. Really am looking forward to whatever else she offers down the road! Wish I lived in NYC to take classes in person. Just the BEST.

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Upcoming Platform Updates

I am so excited to begin the new year with you all, continuing to grow this community all over the world!

You are my biggest motivation and I thank you for that.

Let’s ease into 2024 with patience, intention and enjoyment, as we build one block at a time for achieving a strong foundation for a long lasting healthy and happy way of living.