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June 2024

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Each month I’ll be sharing with you what books I’m reading, recipes I’m cooking, questions I ask myself, my favorite workout of the month, thoughts I’m having, products I like (no promoted ads here!) and more.

This is a full personal BootyByMich inspiration page as a go-to for staying inspired when it comes to fresh ideas to connect with your mind, body, and environment; from my world to yours.


It was the best night of my life. 

The room was perfect, magical, majestic, covered with layers of candles and flowers.

I was so present, I can remember so many details of people, moments, food, I truly promised myself to take everything in, and I’m so happy I paused and breathed when I wanted to remember special times. The evening went smoothly, the food was incredible (I made sure to actually sit down to enjoy dinner which only helped full my dancing more).

I danced until 2 am, my body wet with sweat, high off of life and love,  coming back to our home room at 3 am and eating my favorite chocolate chip cookies (from Mandy’s salad in Montreal). I woke up  the next morning with my body so sore from all the dancing!!

We took the week off to be in nature, and rest…. It was needed. 

I want to thank every single one of you for reaching out to me and sending us love that weekend,you are seen, and my heart is so full, I am so appreciative of you. Thank you so much.

I think my advice would be, pick a dress that is within your budget and be realistic knowing that you might only wear it for a few hours and it will get dirty and possibly rip!

For the eyes and the soul

From The BBM Spotify Account
Here is the Butter video to match the playlist!
35 Min Butter Live


Products I love for my face

*Please keep in mind that all skin types are different.
This may not work for everyone, but this is what I use :)

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BBM Programs
Get Results Quick with Consistency

There are five programs for you to focus on leading up to the new year, mix and match if you’d like!
All programs have journal prompts and recommended music playlists to lead you to create a stronger relationship with yourself on and off of the mat. Enjoy exploring your mind and body.

Journal Prompts

I love writing because it’s always a way for me to ground my thoughts, and take a step back from the busy summer days of New York City… 

1. If you could take the week off of work, what would you do for yourself? How would you organize or prioritize your life, thoughts, household, health etc…

2. What are your themes for summer 2024? Write a list as long as you like for what you have been loving this summer. For example, weekend sleep-ins, date nights, reading, closet cleansing 

3. What are two promises you’d like to make to yourself this summer?

4. If I could describe myself at this time in my life in 10 words what would they be?

5. What are my priorities in life right now? Why?

6. What is one small thing I am  manifesting to happen leading up to the end of year?

7. What in my  life is bringing me joy and fulfillment? How can I prioritize these activities more?

Summer Reads

Here are two books on my list for easy summer reads while sitting at a cafe, traveling or  lounging at the beach.
Light hearted, fun and juicy with drama, enjoy!

The Last Mrs. Parrish

The Darlings

Favorite go-to BBM workout right now

17 Min Toned & Chiseled Arms
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9 Min Abs Just Keep Flowing
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Member Spotlight

Molly Abens

Member Since 2020

I found BBM a few years ago. The way you post so organically and your overall ethos are what drew me to you. I have tried many different workout platforms and this one I just can’t get enough of. What makes it so unique is the “Mich” factor.

I cannot express enough how valuable it’s been to hear the way you talk about your body and speak to yourself—it has helped change my own self-talk immensely. Throughout the day I find I’m looking to check in with myself, to ask how I’m doing, to take up space, thanks to listening to how you speak to us and yourself. I have really struggled with negative self talk. While that doesn’t just go away, I get to change how I view myself and how I show up to the world but mostly, how I show up to myself. To tell myself what I like about me during the day, and treat myself like my own best friend. To thank my body for the movement.  To tell myself I’m doing so well or to remind myself that I’m doing my best when the day is hard. These are all things I’ve gotten from being in class.

I have found such a steady grounding in leaning into what you, as my trainer, is teaching not just physically but mentally throughout the days. When I’m feeling lonely and not embracing or loving it I remind myself that I GET to be with myself. That I get to know and love myself to upgrade any moment by romancing myself, to make that a sacred time. To embrace the beautiful feminine energy you teach by sitting down and asking what I’m feeling, to respect and honor my thoughts and not discount them. I’ve also found while doing these things, it drastically changes how I show up as a better, more grounded, steadier and yet tender person for my husband, friends, and family. The type of mindset you put out is magnetic.

You are a steady spot on the internet—with no filters, no fluff. Simple yet you hold yourself in a way so honest and true to you that challenges me to show up more organically myself. Posts of water and light and words resonate with me and remind me to go deeper. To skip the fluff but to embrace every moment the world makes me smile. And when it makes me cry.

I specifically love doing any and all of your less than 30 minute workouts. The burn is fantastic and shorter workouts are much more attainable for me when I’m working to supplement/add to my outdoor activity as well. I am an ICU nurse and working 12 hour shifts can be a real challenge mentally + physically. Utilizing those shorter workouts + posture/ stretching has been a *game changer* in how my day goes. I try to do one before and after my shift to give myself some time and purposeful movement.

But BUTTER—  Butter has *changed* me . Truly. It’s been a challenge to give myself time to stretch or do things for myself that feel like a luxury because I feel like I don’t have time for it but implementing butter’s at least 3x a week has made me  s l o w  d o w n and has been so great for my muscles and lengthening. I crave it! To touch myself, notice how I’m feeling, sit with the discomfort of knowing I have other things I could be doing and remind myself that nothing good comes from a rushed person. THIS, in the butter, in the caring for myself is where the real work comes from.

There is truly not a trainer like you, Mich, that has this magical power of making everyone else want to embrace and feel and be MORE themselves. Thank you for the way you show up, your incredible workouts and the light you bring. Xx

We want to hear your story! Your motivation, authenticity and experience is worth sharing and I can’t wait to hear how you got started, where you are now, and what you are working towards, your experience with BootyByMich and how it has impacted your life. How long have you been a member for? One week, or over a year?  What’s your BBM routine like? Share the vibe of your environment you create for yourself, any rituals you have before movements?!

You have the ability to share your ups and downs with us, and motivate us all. Send me a message to be spotlighted in the future. Pictures of progress can be sent too (I would love to see your progress, but no pressure at all!)

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I am so excited to begin the new year with you all, continuing to grow this community all over the world!

You are my biggest motivation and I thank you for that.

Let’s ease into 2024 with patience, intention and enjoyment, as we build one block at a time for achieving a strong foundation for a long lasting healthy and happy way of living.