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February 2024

Hey sweet friends,

Welcome to the BootyByMich monthly lifestyle newsletter.

Each month I’ll be sharing with you what books I’m reading, recipes I’m cooking, questions I ask myself, my favorite workout of the month, thoughts I’m having, products I like (no promoted ads here!) and more.

This is a full personal BootyByMich inspiration page as a go-to for staying inspired when it comes to fresh ideas to connect with your mind, body, and environment; from my world to yours.

BootyByMich little mention in the 

International Edition of The New York Times 

BBM is a great gift

BBMxSporty&Rich NYC


The A.S.S Class will be hosted at the flagship store in SOHO in March

Keep yours peeled on social media I’ll be posting on dates and times.

For the eyes and the soul

Music to love yourself with. February the month of love, here are some tunes to spend some time with yourself with.
From The BBM Spotify Account


Products I love for my face

*Please keep in mind that all skin types are different.
This may not work for everyone, but this is what I use :)

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BBM Programs
Get Results Quick with Consistency

There are five programs for you to focus on leading up to the new year, mix and match if you’d like!
All programs have journal prompts and recommended music playlists to lead you to create a stronger relationship with yourself on and off of the mat. Enjoy exploring your mind and body leading into 2024.

Journal Prompts

A year ago today…
A year from now…
I am leaning into…
My fears right now..
My strengths right now…
Things I know I can control…
The things I know I can’t control…
What I am inviting into my life…
What I crave more of…
What I crave less of…
How do I work through disappointment?


Show yourself some love mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.
What can you do this week to show yourself some love, warmth, softness, acceptance.
Treat yourself to a good meal, an adventure, a massage, take yourself on a day date.
You are all you need to fill your cup. 
Write yourself a love letter. 
Write your body a love letter.
Always and endlessly be romantic with yourself. 

Favorite go-to BBM workout right now

20 Min Abs & Bonus Booty
Go to Workout Video

Pregnancy Friendly Workouts

Reminder! BBM has a pregnancy filter in “other filters”, don’t forget to check that out!

Here are a few videos

6 Minute Bodyweight Posture

27 Min Lazy A.S.S Blast Pt 2

34 Min Bodyweight Full Body Flow + Sculpt

Member Spotlight

Madelyn Kruth

Member since 2020

I started doing Mich's workouts in 2020 during COVID with my college roommate/best friend. We were looking for chill workouts we could do with little to no equipment in our little apartment. I loved the variety of workouts from more intense cardio and ab workouts to the chisel and chill and butter flows. Fast forward to now, I've done BBM workouts off and on since graduating in 2021. I am now 3 months pregnant with my first baby and after feeling pretty sick during the first trimester, I really wanted to get back into moving my body consistently. I decided to start with the Butter program and it has been exactly what my body needs. I am excited to continue with more BBM workouts for the rest of my pregnancy and postpartum!

We want to hear your story! Your motivation, authenticity and experience is worth sharing and I can’t wait to hear how you got started, where you are now, and what you are working towards, your experience with BootyByMich and how it has impacted your life. How long have you been a member for? One week, or over a year?  What’s your BBM routine like? Share the vibe of your environment you create for yourself, any rituals you have before movements?!

You have the ability to share your ups and downs with us, and motivate us all. Send me a message to be spotlighted in the future. Pictures of progress can be sent too (I would love to see your progress, but no pressure at all!)

Share Your Story

Upcoming Platform Updates

I am so excited to begin the new year with you all, continuing to grow this community all over the world!

You are my biggest motivation and I thank you for that.

Let’s ease into 2024 with patience, intention and enjoyment, as we build one block at a time for achieving a strong foundation for a long lasting healthy and happy way of living.